Our schools are excellent because we are fortunate to have such dedicated teachers, staff and administration. Our PTO is excellent because we have dedicated and devoted families and parents. We are a small community with big hearts and large dreams. In this economy however, our employment and time can cause us to have to miss out on meetings, parties, and programs. There are definitely times in life that prior commitments must come first.

Everyday, we ask our children to think outside of the box and work on different solutions to their new problems. Everyday, we expect and encourage our children to step outside of their comfort zone to ask a teacher for help, talk to a coach, stand in front of their class and give a speech. We encourage you, as families and parents of our Woodridge students to step out of your comfort zone this year. Join PTO, become a member and help us, help our students. Membership does not bind you to monthly attendance. Membership is $5 towards continuing PTO programs. Membership says we support PTO. Come, join us as your schedule provides, call ask if you can help “behind the scenes”, step outside of your comfort zone this year. We are confident you will enjoy it!

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