Shop & Earn

Shop & Earn

​Here at Woodridge, we support a number of fund-raising programs we refer to as “trash to cash”. That’s because saving items you might normally throw away can earn the school money and products! Here is a overview of all of these programs. If you have something to donate, just send it to school with your kids!

Box Tops

Turn you Trash into Cash by saving the General Mills Box Tops for Education coupons that are on hundreds of products at the grocery store. We use volunteers to help clip, bundle and mail the bundles out twice a year at collection times. Each classroom is asked to bring in their Box Tops in a designated month and strive to reach a set goal. This program has been a great fundraiser for the PTO. Ask your friends and family to save their Box Tops for you! Also, register at the site for extra chances to earn more money for our school!

Box Topics
BoxTop Letter
Trash to Cash!

Giant Eagle


Giant Eagle Apples for the Students Program gives us credits that we can use to purchase equipment for our schools. Registering your Giant Eagle Card is all that is required. The more you shop at Giant Eagle the more credits we receive. Ask grandparents, aunts and uncles to register their cards for our school!

Call 1-800-474-4777 with your Giant Eagle Card and enter our School code #3030.

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Acme Receipts

Earn 5% on Acme Store Brands. The Community Cash Back Program showcases Acme Fresh Market store brands and offers you a 5% return on your purchases. These brands include Acme Fresh Market, Food Club, Top Care, Full Circle, Valu Time, Paws, World Classics, Academix, Domestix, and Electrix.

Shop at Acme Fresh Market and save your register receipts.

Ask your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to shop at Acme Fresh Market and save their receipts, too!

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